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More Cures for the Curator: Personal Wine Curator Version 3.0 is Here!

And just in time for the holidays, too! In its most robust version yet, The Personal Wine Curator v3.0 is now available for purchase. “PWC” v3.0 is still the same easy to use database that installs on your computer, and among its many new features, it now also links to an online community of other PWC users and even allows you to view your own wines remotely using an internet connection.

Over the years, The Wine Curators has been keeping in close contact with our customers, asking for feedback and considering new ways to implement many of the great suggestions that come our way. Keep in mind, we’re not just database designers, we’re also wine professionals who love drinking and collecting the divine liquid ourselves. That is why every detail in our software design is specifically geared toward people who drink wine, purchase wine, collect wine, and auction wine. Of course, you do have to have a little computer know-how to use any software, but we think that most of our Personal Wine Curator users know and care a great deal more about what’s in their cellar than what’s on their hard drive.

You may already know that The Personal Wine Curator was given Decanter Magazine’s top score for wine cellar management software, calling it “the best of the tests...admirably simple and clear...mercifully easy and stress free to use” and that the program has many unique features that oenophiles have come to rely upon, including an aging-potential calculator that fills in a wine’s “Drink by” dates, a warning system that lets you know when your wine is getting old, and many thousands of specific food and wine pairing suggestions. Now, with the release of Personal Wine Curator version 3.0, users also have the unique option to not only keep their wine records on their computer, but also to join the online Personal Wine Curator Community and share wine data and tasting notes with each other. Additionally, PWC v3.0 lets you scan and create bar codes and labels and subscribe to Personal Wine Curator Mobile, for online data back up and use with hand-held devices.

We began our journey with The Personal Wine Curator in the fall of 2004 and thanks to our many devoted customers, we’ve been able to grow and improve. PWC is currently used by thousands of wine collectors and aficionados on every continent (with the exception of Antarctica -- those poor penguins just can’t get organized).

The Personal Wine Curator v3.0 has some very cool new functions for no-hassle record keeping, and we here at The Wine Curators hope that it continues to be a great way for all wine lovers to have fun with their collections, interact with one another, and ultimately enjoy their wines at their best by drinking them before they fade or get forgotten.

Features of the Personal Wine Curator Version 3.0

New! Access to the PWC Community online database where you can instantly import wine data and read notes from other users – Watch the database grow as more and more users Opt-in!

New! Subscription service available for PWC Mobile with online data backup and access from any internet browser – Great for your iPhone or Blackberry

New! Bar code generator – scan, search and print labels with bar codes on them

New! Even more flexible and customizable, including the ability to choose which fields to show in your cellar list

New! Extensive reports, including summary and detail

New! Keep track of wines on consignment and sell prices and generate sales reports

PC & Mac compatible

Easy to read, user-friendly layouts

Easily organize all your wine data, including wines in your storage unit or cellar, wines tasted, wines on your wish-list, wines out of stock, or wines on order

Unique Aging Potential Calculator suggests drink dates for almost any wine

Maturity Tracker lets you know how your wine is maturing

Quick Data Entry – Instantly matches sub-regions with their regions and countries and includes comprehensive drop-down lists of producer names, appellations, grapes and varietals – or add wines with a “click” from PWC Community

Pair Food and Wine with over 7,500 specific combination suggestions

And PWC v3.0 is fully upgradeable from PWC version 2 (with a big discount for v2 users, too!)

Personal Wine Curator Prices and Packages

Making The Personal Wine Curator even better does not mean making it a lot more expensive! PWC v3.0 is available as a download, a CD, or a Gift Certificate directly from personalwinecurator.com for only $49.95. Subscriptions to PWC Mobile start as low as $4.99/month for two years. Buy the software bundled with a subscription and we’ll give you an additional three months on your subscription. Additionally, if you are an existing registered user of Personal Wine Curator v2, you’ll receive a 40% discount when upgrading!

Looking for a Few Good Accessories?

Our online store now offers Dymo LabelWriter printers and Metrologic Barcode Readers for use with The Personal Wine Curator v3.0. Dymo has been our recommended single feed label printer since we first developed PWC. In fact, we test every label printing function in PWC on Dymo label printers as well as use them for our own wine cellar inventory work.

Additionally, we find that the Metrologic Voyager Barcode Reader works great with the new barcode features of PWC v3.0 and has a high quality-to-price ratio. The Metrologic Voyager is a laser scanner, and consequently reads barcodes quite easily on curved surfaces, such as on wine bottles. Most inexpensive barcode scanners are CCD scanners, which can be unreliable for detecting barcodes on anything other than a clean flat label. Not so with laser scanners. And luckily, this one won’t put a big dent in your wine budget either!

Finally, for those of you looking for an elegant and reliable corkscrew, either for yourself or for a gift, we have discovered two that we like so much, we’ve decided to sell them on our website. Made by Pulltex, a very cool company that makes a range of quality wine accessories, the Toledo and Pullparrot corkscrews exemplify the excellence of their product line. Both corkscrews have a patented double lever system that makes them easy and comfortable to use, and they look really great, too. Check ‘em out: http://www.thewinecurators.com/products_accessories.shtml

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If you have a website and you'd like to add us as a link, we'd love it! Word on PWC is growing quickly, and you can help. If you'd like to add a link to our site use this info:

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