"Wine" Tab

Use this page for entering and editing basic wine information. Click in any field, or use the tab key on your computer's keyboard to move from one field to another. You can get maturity dates suggestions, search the Personal Wine Curator Community database to view and import wines and launch your default Internet browser to search the Web for a wine.

You may fill in as much or as little information as you like in the many fields provided. However, you MUST enter a Quantity (of bottles), and you MUST enter either a Producer, or (if you're confused by a wine label) alternative information in the General Label Info field.

Downward facing arrows to the right of a field indicate a drop-down list (certain fields will start a drop-down list when you add your own entries). Click inside a field and a list will automatically appear. You may either scroll through the list, or simply begin typing to be taken immediately to the items in the list that begin with the letters or words you type (this is called "type-ahead"). For example, when you click in the "Distinction" field, then type "C", you are taken to Cabernet Franc. If you type "Ch" you are taken to Chablis, etc. This way you don’t have to scroll through the whole list.

You may also click a second time in the same field to clear the drop-down list, then just type in whatever you’d like.

When you have finished entering information, you can save your wine, review info in the other tabs, scroll through your wine records, or navigate to another area in the program by using any of the Navigation Bar icons.

To learn more about specific fields in the Wine Tab entry form, see Entry Fields in Wine Tab in the Help index.

The following buttons appear in the bottom bar of the Wine Tab entry form and its related tabs:

Save Wine:

Click to save your new wine record and any changes you have made to an existing wine record.  You can save your wine record at any point in the entry process from any related tab.


Click to create a duplicate record of whatever wine you are viewing in the Wine Tab entry form. You will be prompted with a choice of duplicating all the information for that wine from all the wine entry tabs (including Notes, etc.) or just the basic information from the Wine Tab entry form.  A new wine record will be created with a new I.D.#. 

This feature can save you time by eliminating the need to re-type the same information, as for example, when you are entering different vintages of the same wine (or different vineyards of the same varietal from the same producer).


Click to permanently delete the wine you are viewing. All information about this wine will be lost.


Click to view a Wine Summary for that wine.

< (First Wine):

Click to view the first wine record in the list as it is currently sorted.

< (Previous Wine):

Click to view the previous wine record in the list as it is currently sorted.

> (Next):

Click to view the next wine record, in the list as it is currently sorted.

> (Last):

Click to view the last wine record in the list as it is currently sorted.

*Note:  The wine records you are viewing in the Wine Tab entry form correspond directly with whatever list you were viewing before you got to the form. Think of the Wine Tab as a deck of cards, where the first wine record is at the top and the last wine record is at the bottom.  The wine you are viewing is one card in the whole deck.