Wine Summary

To view a single page summary of a wine, go to any list (Cellar, On Order, Tasted, Wish List, Ratings, Gen Label Info, Out of Stock) and click inside the field for that wine. You will be taken to the Wine Summary page. You can also access a Wine Summary from the Wine Tab entry form (and its realted tabs) using the "Summary" button at the bottom of each screen.

The Summary tab offers a snap-shot summary of the information you have entered about a wine on an easy to read page that you can also print by using the Print button on the Navigation bar.

The Food Pairings tab shows all of the suggested pairings in an easy to read column format.

NOTE: You cannot edit any information in Wine Summary. This prevents you from accidentally changing important data. If you want to change any data for a particular wine, click the "Edit" button located in the top right corner of the page and you will be taken to the Wine Tab entry form for that wine.