What's New in the Personal Wine Curator Version 2

The Personal Wine Curator™ version 2 includes many new and helpful features, as well as numerous changes to existing features. Among the highlights are:

  • Home Page:

    features a redesigned Home page, offering more choices for navigating and customizing the program.

  • Aging Potential Calculator:

    Now you can instantly get recommendations for Drink After and Drink By dates for almost any wine in any major growing region.

  • More Lists with More Data:

    Choose field entries from comprehensive lists of Producer names, Sub-regions, Regions, Countries, Grapes and Varietals.

  • Menu Maker:

    Customize, save, and print tasting and dinner menus.

  • Autofill Text:

    Quick type-ahead feature makes data entry a breeze when using fields with drop-down lists.

  • Tooltips and Comments:

    Roll-over tooltips and clickable comment bubbles offer more details for all of your task and browsing needs.

  • Graphics:

    Import pictures of wine labels or other graphics to your wine entry form.

  • Cost and Value Fields:

    Track both the cost and the value of your wines and print reports.

  • Custom Sort:

    Choose from a list of fields and custom sort your cellar list any way you like.

  • Search the Internet:

    Instantly search the internet for information about your wine using the field criteria already typed in the wine entry form.

  • More Food Pairings:

    now has over 7,500 food and wine pairing suggestions, as well as the ability to search for wine pairing suggestions with more than one food at a time.

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