Update by I.D.

For inventory upkeep using wine I.D. numbers, use "Update by I.D.", located in the Wine I.D. menu on the gray Drop-Down Menu bar or on the Home page. This is an easy way to update your database after you drink a bottle of wine if you are using I.D. labels or referencing the I.D. numbers from a printed list.

If you have printed I.D. labels, the process is simple: peel off the labels from each bottle you drink (or save the neck tags) and keep them as a record until you're ready to update your database, then enter each individual I.D. number in the "Wine I.D." field.

For each wine, enter how many bottles you drank in the "Subtract Bottles" quantity field. Enter any other information you wish in the available fields and then click "Done."

After you have updated each wine, you will get a confirmation.