Subtract Quantity (-)

To subtract bottles from your cellar, click this button.  The "Subtract bottles" pop-up window appears.  Enter a quantity.

You may also enter other useful information here, including date, where you drank the bottle(s), when you drank the bottle(s), with whom you drank the bottle(s), what food you paired the wine with, and a specific tasting note for the date you drank the bottle(s).  (This last "note" field is shared with the Personal Wine Curator Community and is particularly useful if you like to keep track of how a wine evolves over time, or how it may change depending on the food and the occasion.) 

You can also indicate whether you gave the bottle(s) away as a gift, or if the bottle(s) was somehow unfortunately lost to damage or theft.

A separate tab for entering sales information is also available in the "Subtract bottles" pop-up window. (see On Consignment)

All of your information will appear later in the Drink/Sale History Tab entry form.