Restoring PWC from Back Up Folder

If you should ever find it necessary to restore/recover your Personal Wine Curator™ data from the back-up folder stored on your computer or removable media (such as a memory stick), simply go to the Home page and choose the "Restore from Back Up" button. Find and select the folder where your Back-up file has been stored on your computer. Click "OK" and PWC will replace any data currently in your cellar with the data from the selected back-up and close the program. You must re-start PWC to finish the process.

If you are a subcriber to Personal Wine Curator™ Mobile, choose the "Restore from Back Up" button and follow the promtps to restore from your PWC Mobile online back-up file.

The Wine Curators strongly urges you to maintain a back-up version of your PWC data on a separate drive, such as a memory stick. PWC Mobile is also available for online back-up protection.