A Report breaks down your wines into specific categories. Reports don't show you all the available information about every wine. Use them to see the shape of your collection. (See also Printing Lists You are Viewing and Wine Summary)

To generate and print reports, click on the Reports menu in the gray Drop-Down Menu bar at the top of the screen. You can also create a report from the report index, which is accessible on the Home page.

Click on a category from the drop-down list or the report index to see a report. Summary and Detail reports are available for many categories, like Producer, Varietal, and Maturity. Reports for purchases, value, drink history, sales history, gifts and ratings are also available.

When you choose a report, you have the option of adding a custom sub-heading.

Once the report has been generated, you can view the pages and scroll through using the spiral notebook icon.

When you are ready to print a Report, choose Print from the "File" Drop-down menu. To close the report window without printing, choose the CLOSE Drop-down menu.

You may also generate a report from a found set of wines (from a search): Perform your search, choose your report and hold down the Ctrl (Control) key while clicking on the item. Your chosen report will only include wines from the found set.