Personal Wine Curator™ Mobile

Personal Wine Curator™ Mobile is a fee based subscription service that allows you to view your own personal wine data remotely from a hand held device (such as a cell phone with a web browser*) or internet browser. The service also includes on-line storage of your Personal Wine Curator™ personal data for extra back-up protection.

Your subsription provides unlimited access to the service via the Internet so you can view your wines from just about anywhere you go. (The service is especially useful if you find yourself in a wine store and want to look something up in your Cellar List or Wish List.)

Once you have subscribed to PWC Mobile, you can sync your wine data to the online server anytime by using the PWC Mobile/Sync button on the Home page. Your most current data will then be available to view from an internet browser.

In addition to browsing your cellar from your cell phone or other internet browser, Personal Wine Curator™ Mobile also provides an online back-up service for extra protection of your data. If for any reason you lose your data, use of this service will provide another safeguard so that you may retrieve it again!

To back up your data online, go to the Home page and choose the "Back up PWC" button. You will be given the choice to back up to the PWC Mobile online server. From here you may also choose to back up your data to a drive on your computer.

If you should ever find it necessary to restore your data from your PWC Mobile online back-up, simply go to the Home page and choose the "Restore from Back Up" button and follow the promtps to restore from your PWC Mobile online back-up file.

The Wine Curators strongly urges you to maintain your own back-up versions of any personal data!

*Please note that your cell phone network may charge extra fot Internet access and that not all internet-enabled cell phones are configured to work the same way. The Wine Curators urges you to check with your phone company if you have any questions about your cell phone or your internet plan.