"Purchase History" Tab

Information entered when you add bottles (see Add Quantity (+)) appears in this tab, including the date(s) you purchased the bottle(s), from where you acquired the bottle(s), what you paid per bottle, what the current value per bottle is, whether the bottle(s) is On Order, order date/delivery info, and the means by which you acquired the bottle(s). 

You may also view the total money spent on all of the bottles of a wine, the total value of the current stock of a wine, and the average cost per bottle of a wine (based on your purchase history).

Details of where you acquired the bottle(s) may be filled in and added to a drop-down list of vendors and other sources.

When you have finished entering information, you can save your wine, review info in the other tabs, scroll through your wine records, or navigate to another area in the program by using any of the Navigation Bar icons.