Pair Food

PWC offers suggestions of food and wine pairings as a learning tool, a handy reference, and a fun way to interact with your collection.  Classic combinations (Chardonnay with Lobster) are listed along with seemingly unconventional ones (Chardonnay with Sirloin Steak). No rules are hard and fast when it comes to your personal taste.  Experience is all. 

While many very specific foods are listed (including methods of preparation), many factors come into play when pairing a dish or especially, a whole meal.  These include sauces, spices, herbs, cooking techniques, etc.  The possibilities are limitless and all of them can have an effect on the flavor of your chosen wine.  Additionally, certain foods can be difficult to pair.  Be careful when serving peanuts, olives, eggs, hot chili peppers, spicy sauces, blue cheeses, garlic, onions, vinegar, and horseradish.  Used judiciously and paired well, however, harmony can be achieved.

Most of all, drink what you like, even if it bucks convention!

To pair food with wine, click on the Pair Food button on the black Navigation Bar. You will be taken to a new page that allows you to choose from a list of nearly six hundred foods.  Each of these foods pairs with many specific wine Distinctions allowing for over 7,500 possible food and wine combinations.

Begin by choosing one of the foods from the "choose a food" drop-down list, then clicking the "Pair It!" button.  (If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, select something similar.)

Once you have chosen a food, a new page appears with your chosen food highlighted in blue.

A list of wine "distinctions" appears in the Distinctions column to the right. All of these wine distinctions would pair well with the food you have selected. Be aware that you may or may not have all of these wine distinctions represented in your collection.

If you have one or more of the suggested distinctions, you will see a count in the "No./wines" column. Click on a distinction to see which of these you have in your cellar. 

A list of wines will appear in the tab to the right.  Click on a wine in the list to see the information on that wine in the "Full Details" tab.

Other foods that also pair well with some or all of the wine distinctions from your initial food pairing choice are listed below the highlighted food choice.  Click on any one of these foods to see which distinctions pair well with both of your chosen foods.

To view the wine distinction pairings from your first food choice again, click the "Refresh" button.  To start with a new food, click the "New Choice" button.

Food pairing suggestions also appear in the Food Pairing Tab (see Entering and Editing Wine Information) once you’ve added a new wine.  You must choose a Distinction when entering a wine in order for PWC to generate suggestions.

Food pairing suggestions also appear in Wine Summary.