Welcome to the Personal Wine Curator ("PWC"), the feature rich cataloguing and food pairing software for PC and Mac that takes organizing your wines to a whole new level!

Please take the time to register and authorize your copy of PWC now.

With this program you can easily:

  • Keep track of your entire collection
  • Remember wines you tasted or have on a wish list
  • Identify "drink by" dates and track the maturity status of your wines
  • Keep track of the cost and value of your wines, as well as your purchasing history and auction sales history
  • Search the Personal Wine Curator Community, an online database of PWC users' wine data, to easily import wine records and view and share tasting notes
  • Search the internet instantly for information on your wine, including a direct link to Wine-Searcher.com™ for looking up current market values
  • Import old wine records from Excel, Word, and other text documents
  • Print and view detailed reports and lists
  • Print I.D. labels for your bottles, including your own generated bar codes
  • Pair your wines with specific food suggestions
  • Make menus for dinners and tastings
  • Subsribe to Personal Wine Curator Mobile to access your data from your hand-held device, as well as store your data securely online
  • Upgrade from version 2 of PWC

To display PWC properly, be sure your computer monitor’s resolution is set to a minimum of 1024x768.

The following notes will help you get started quickly:

PWC Community
Access the online Personal Wine Curator Community and instantly retrieve wine data for your own quick wine entry. Scan a bar code or simply type a few key words to see if your wine exists in the community database and watch how the data populates your new record! You can even view other users' tasting notes! Simply Opt-in on the software Home screen and begin sharing data with your fellow wine collectors.

PWC Mobile
Subscribe to Personal Wine Curator Mobile and access your personal data from your hand-held device, such as a cell phone with an internet browser. You can also back-up your data safely online! Sign up now from the Home screen.

Entering and Editing Wines
All entry and editing of wines is done from the Wine Tab entry form and its related tabs.

Click the “New Wine” button on the Navigation Bar to go to the entry form. You may also enter a new wine from the Home screen. If you are using a bar code scanner, from the Home screen choose "Enter a New Wine" from the "Barcodes" command buttons and your bar code will automatically be entered in the new wine record.

Click on any“Edit” button next to a wine in a list or on a Wine Summary to go directly to the entry form for that wine where you can view your data and make changes.

Quick Data Entry
For quick record entry, begin typing in any field with a down arrow and the field will populate automatically when a drop-down list is available. (PWC has pre-loaded lists for Producer, Varietal, Type, Sub-region, Region, Country, Distinction, Body and Bottle Size.

If you're not sure how to determine the sub-region or region from reading a wine label, just type the first few letters of any name on the label into one of the fields until you find a match.

Choose a sub-region and Region and Country automatically get filled. Choose a region and Country automatically gets filled in. Choose a distinction and Body automatically gets filled in.

Aging Potential Calculator
To determine a wine's “drink after” and “drink by” dates, always choose a Distinction for your wine in addition to filling in Sub-region/Region/Country, then click the "Get Maturity Dates" button on the Wine Tab entry form. At the prompt, indicate the quality of your wine and PWC automatically fills in the dates for you. (You may fill in your own dates as well!) PWC will automatically calculate your wine’s maturity status from now on!

Duplicating Wines for Quicker Data Entry
For multiple entries of different wines with similar information (e.g., Producer, Varietal, Vineayrd, etc.) be sure to use Duplicate Wine and change only the fields that are different (e.g., Vintage).

Customizing List Column Headings
Most column headings in the Cellar List (and other lists, too!) are customizable. Simply click on the heading box and choose another heading from the drop-down menu in each customizable column. Don't want to see Subregion every time you view your Cellar List? Want to see Drink-by Date instead? Choose "Drink by Date" from the Drop-Down menu and every time you go back to your cellar list, that's the column heading you'll see!

List Sorting
By default, wines are sorted in the Cellar List by Producer, then Wine Name, then Vintage. You can change the default sort order on the Home screen in the settings tab.

You can also change the sort order temporarily when you are viewing your Cellar List: click any column heading's sort arrows (to the left of the heading). For example, if you want to sort by Country, click the arrows to the left of “Country” at the top of that column. Click again to reverse the order from ascending to descending.

Viewing a Summary of your Wine
When you are viewing your Cellar List you can always see detailed summaries of any wine by simply clicking directly on that wine. Just put your cursor over the name of the Producer and click! You will then be taken to the Wine Summary. You can also access a Wine Summary from the Wine Tab entry form.

Food and Wine Pairing Suggestions
PWC offers over 7,500 food and wine pairing suggestions. Always choose a Distinction for your wine in order to generate these pairing suggestions. Click on Pair Food in the Navigation Bar to generate a list of food choices. You can also Pair Wine with Food. Additionally, once you have entered a new wine, you can view a list of pairing suggestions in the Food Pairings Tab.

Making Dinner and Wine Tasting Menus
Use the Menu Maker to create and print menus for meals and tasting events. Click on "Menu" on the Navigation Bar or link from the Home page.

Using Labels for Inventory Upkeep
For the most effecient inventory, print bottle I.D. Labels (with or without Bar Codes) each time you enter a new wine.

Reports and Printed Lists
For a quick reference guide, generate and print a Report of your collection from the many choices available, or Print a List (sorted any way you like), and keep it near your cellar.

Importing Old Records
Rather than type... Import your wines into PWC! If you already have a list or inventory, and you can create a tab-delimited, CSV, or Excel file, you can use the Import function (located in the Drop-Down Menus or on the Home page) to bring all that info into this database! (This is an advanced function.)

Turning Off Alert Messages
You have the option of disabling certain alert messages after they appear. If you disable the warnings, you can always restore them later by selecting “Options” in the Drop-Down Menus and clicking "Reset All Alerts."

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