"On Consignment" List

Tracking the sale of your wines is easy with PWC. When you subtract bottles in the Wine Tab entry form, you are given the choice to enter sale details (see Subtract Quantity (-)) in the "Sell" tab.

If you are selling bottles of your wine on consignment, enter your asking price, consigner (wine shop or auction house), and any lot number (if applicable). Wines with bottles that have pending sales will be viewable in the "On Consignment" list which you can find by looking in the "Lists" drop-down menu or by going to the program Home page.

Once a sale has been made, edit the wine and enter the per-bottle sale price in the Drink/Sale History tab. When you enter a sale price, the wine will no longer appear in the "On Consignment" list. If the wine still has bottles to be sold, make a note in the "notes" field and wait until all the bottles have sold before you enter anything in the "Sale Price/btl." field.

Note: Each time you subtract bottles from your cellar, you create a record for that occasion. Every date record appears on the Drink/Sale History tab. Bottles on consignment will be flagged in the corresponding date record.