Omit Wine

When viewing any list, you have the option of removing (omitting) one wine at a time from that list until you have narrowed it down to suit your viewing or printing needs. Omitting a wine from a list does not delete that wine from your Cellar. It's simply a way of pairing down a found set of wines in a list.

Make sure the wine you want to omit from your list is indicated by the thin black vertical marker on the farthest left margin of the screen. To do this, go to the Drop-Down Menus at the top of the screen and choose Navigate. Move up and down the list until you have highlighted the wine, then click "Omit Wine" in the Navigate menu and the wine will be removed from your list (but NOT from your Cellar!). Repeat as many times as you want until the list contains just the wines you want.

You'll notice that keystroke shortcuts are also available for navigating in a list and for omitting wines from a list. These keystrokes are indicated in the Navigation menu.