"Notes/Ratings" Tab

The Notes/Ratings Tab is where you can enter and view wine Ratings and keep any kind of notes you wish in the available sub-tabs: 

"My Notes" and "Other" -- Use for tasting notes, wine-maker notes, winery info, travel journal, etc. 
"Community Notes" -- shows PWC Community tasting notes for wines that you've added
"PDF" -- attach a PDF file from your computer

You can type in the fields or cut and paste from another document or website.

"Tasting Notes on specific dates" fields are to keep track of each time you drink a bottle(s) of a particular wine.  These notes are entered when you Subtract a Quantity (+) in the Wine Tab. You can also edit your text in these fields after it has been entered in the "Subtract Bottles" pop-up window. All of your tasting notes will be shared with the PWC Community when you opt-in to the service.

Custom rating fields can be renamed by simply clicking into the field and re-typing your own heading.  For quick entry, "100-pt. Scale" and "Outs.-Poor" rating fields have drop-down lists to choose from.  Type anything you wish in the other fields. 

When you have finished entering information, you can save your wine, review info in the other tabs, scroll through your wine records, or navigate to another area in the program by using any of the Navigation Bar icons.