Navigation Bar

The black Navigation Bar at the top of each page shows a row of buttons (icons) that help you navigate through the program.  Use these buttons for most of the common tasks in PWC.  You may also navigate from the Home page and from the Drop-Down Menus in the gray bar at the top of the program.

The buttons (in order from left to right) are:



New Wine


Previous List

Pair Food


I.D. Labels




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Click to view the Home page (splash screen) where you can navigate around the program, see a wine overview, and create custom settings and sort orders.


Click to view the Cellar List, which contains all of the wines in your current collection.  Once on this page, you can also access the other lists here, including On Order, Tasted, Wish List, Ratings, Gen Label Info, and Out of Stock.

New Wine:

Click for the Wine Tab entry form where you can create a new wine record. Use to enter information for a new wine that you are adding to your cellar, or a wine you have tasted, have on order, or want to earmark in your Wish List.


Click to Search your Records in the database either by field (Producer, Variety, Vintage, Country, Region, Quantity, etc.) or by a "Universal Search" using keywords.

Previous List:

Click to see the last list you viewed. For example, you may have done a search for all of your Cabernet Sauvignon and then decided to look in your On Order List.  Using this button, you can go back to your found set of Cabernet Sauvignon without having to start a new search all over again.

Pair Food:

Click to pair a specific food with suggested wine Distinctions or to pair a specific wine distinction with suggested foods.


Click to make a menu in the Menu Maker for a dinner or wine tasting, or to view past menus and wine selections.

I.D. Labels:

Click to print Labels (from a label printer) for easy inventory upkeep.


Click to print any list of wines in a "printer friendly" page: no color, no graphics, fits onto an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  *Tip: To bypass the prompts, hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while clicking the "Print" button.


Click to see the "Help" index, "Quick Start", "10 Cool Things", and "FAQ" page


Click to close the program.  PWC recommends that you Back-Up the program on exiting.