Using any label printer* (such as a Dymo® LabelWriter) you can print labels to make keeping track of your wine even easier! Choose from one of three sizes: Bottle Tag, Big, or Small.

To begin, click on the "I.D. Labels" button on the black Navigation Bar.

Everything you need to print labels is all on the Labels page! Just choose which size label you want to print from the label headers, then follow the prompts below.

Each prompt lets you preview your list of wines. You may then choose the wines you want to print labels for from that list. The list choices are:

"Print from the list I was just looking at"

Use this to see the last list of wines you viewed in the Cellar List.

"Print from wines entered today"

Shows you a list of all the wines you entered today.

"Print from all wines entered from..."

Enter a range of dates in the fields provided.

"Print from wines I haven’t printed labels for yet"

If you can’t remember all the wines you have printed labels for, and you just want to print labels for whatever still needs them, use this choice.

"Show me all my wines"

Shows you every wine in your collection.

Check the "Print with barcodes" box (available for Small I.D. and Big I.D. lables only) to include that information on your labels.

Once you have decided which type of label you want to print, you are taken to a new screen. Here you are given a choice of printing a label for every wine on the list you see, or checking just the wines you want. (If you want to print all the wines on the list, you don’t have to check any boxes.)

You can clear/choose all the check-boxes in the list at once by clicking the check box at the top of the list.

Note that the selected wines list is always sorted by quantity of bottles. In this way you can go down the list first checking the wines with a quantity of one bottle, then go through again and check the wines with two bottles, etc. This enables you to print exactly the number of labels you need for all of your bottles when you get to your printer’s dialogue window.

You can always change this list by clicking "Change List."

Once you are ready to print, just click "Print All" to print the entire list, or "Print Checked Only" to print just the wines you have checked.

NOTE: Be sure to choose the correct printer from your computer’s printer dialogue window. (If you’re printing labels, be sure to choose your LABEL PRINTER).

Tips for keeping up with your inventory using I.D. Labels:

If you use manufactured bottle neck tags, this is a super easy way to label them. Just print out the "Bottle Tag" size labels each time you enter a new wine, then stick one on the front, and one on the back of each bottle neck tag. And you’re done!

You could also print "Small" or "Big" labels and simply stick them on your bottle of wine. Each label has the wine’s unique I.D. number on it. Additionally, Small and Big labels include any custom ID info and can be printed with barcodes.

When you drink the wine, simply refer to the I.D. number or barcode on the label to update your inventory using the Update by I.D. form, rather than searching for the wine by producer, etc.

Another idea is to use removable labels: peel the label off a bottle of wine when you drink it, then stick it on a sheet of paper to make an inventory list of consumed bottles. Continue sticking the labels on sheets of paper until you decide to update your inventory on your computer (every week, every month, etc.).

*You cannot print labels on a sheet of labels directly from PWC. There is an alternative, however. You can Export your records to a text file, then format and print any way you like.