Keystroke Shortcuts

You can bypass the dialogue prompts and go directly to a page or printer dialogue in some instances. To do this, hold down the control key while clicking on the following:

The active buttons with CTRL key shortcut enabled are:

Ctrl+MENU (Browse most recently created dinner/tasting menu)

Ctrl+NEW WINE (Scan a barcode first)

Ctrl+Alt+NEW WINE (Generate a barcode first)

Ctrl+PAIR FOOD (Go directly to Pair Wine)

Ctrl+SEARCH (Go directly to Search by Field)

Additionally, you can generate a Report of any found set of wines (from a search):

Ctrl+REPORT NAME (Limits the report to only those wines you are viewing in a found set)

Keystroke shortcuts are also available for navigating around a list or for jumping from one record to another in the Wine Tab entry form.

Ctrl+Shift+F (Go to First wine in a list)

Ctrl+Shift+L (Go to Last wine in a list)

Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow (Go to Next wine in a list)

Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow (Go to Previous wine in a list)

A keystroke shortcut is also available for temporarily omitting a wine from a list (see Omit Wine)

Ctrl+T (Omit wine from a list)