Import a list of your existing wine records from Word, Excel, or other text file to PWC!

Choose "Import" from the Home page or "Import Records" from the File menu on the Drop-Down Menu bar. 

To begin, you are asked to choose a text file (Excel, Microsoft Word etc.). Click "OK."

IMPORTANT: The file you import MUST be an Excel, Tab Delimited or Comma Separated (CSV) text file.  If you do not understand how to do this, consult the help guide in the application that created the file you want to import.

WARNING: You may inadvertently import extraneous information, or leave out important information needed for the database to function smoothly. By importing data you risk fouling up lots of hard work you may already have done. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE IMPORTING FROM ANOTHER FILE.

Navigate through your hard drive, find the file that has the wines you want to import.

Once you choose the text or Excel file you want to import, you will see this screen -- "Import Field Mapping."

In the upper right corner you have a drop-down list, "View by:"  You can set this on any setting, however, PWC STRONGLY SUGGESTS YOU LEAVE THIS AS "LAST ORDER." If you change these settings, you will notice that the fields in the right hand column change.

The fields in the left hand column represent the information in your text file.

You must match (as closely as possible) the fields on the right with the info on the left.

WARNING: NEVER IMPORT ANYTHING INTO "ITEM ID." ("Item serial" is okay to use. If, for example you have your own I.D. number, use "Item serial." (See also Bar Code Numbers (Importing)).

The center column must have a small black arrow connecting the two information columns. Simply click the middle column between two corresponding fields to change the icon to an arrow (if one isn’t there already).

Click and drag any fields in the right column up or down to match the fields on the left.

When you are satisfied that your fields match, make sure "Add new records" is checked.

NOTE: Windows users -- you will see a drop down list of "character sets." Choose "Windows."

Now click "Import."

You are done.