"General Label Info" List

Wines that you entered with labels that you could not discern, or for whatever reason did not know the name of the Producer, appear in this list. Use this as a place holder of sorts, until you can determine exactly what bottle of wine you have.

To view this list, click the "Cellar" button on the black Navigation Bar.  You will be taken to the Cellar List and its related tabs. Click the Gen Label Info List tab to view a list of wines for which you have left the Producer field empty. The tab for this list will be "grayed" out (unavailable) if you have no entries with unknown producers.

Wines in the Gen Label Info List also appear in the Cellar List with the words "Producer Unknown" in the Producer field.

NOTE: This list should be used sparingly, and only as a holding pen. Your records will be difficult to browse without more detailed information on your wines.  In order to take full advantage of the database, use this only if you are truly at a loss for how to read the wine label.