Drop-Down Menus

Drop-Down Menus are located at the top of the screen in the gray bar. Many of these menus are new in version 3. Much of what you need to do in PWC can be accessed from these menus, but remember, you can achieve most of your tasks by using the buttons in the black Navigation Bar or from the Home page.

The Drop-Down Menus are:






Wine ID

Food and Wine





*     *     *


Add a new wine, configure printing, import and export records, Back-up PWC, and exit program.


Cut, copy, and paste.


Format text using different fonts, colors, sizes, etc.


Navigate to any of the lists in PWC, including a simple spreadsheet and lists of notes.


View and print reports from a list that includes wine categories, purchases, values, sales, and drink history.

Wine ID and Barcodes:

Update your wine information using PWC I.D. numbers or barcodes, print I.D. labels for your wines, scan and generate new barcodes when entering a new wine or editing an existing wine, and scan a barcode to add/subtract bottles or view a wine summary.

Food and Wine:

Pair food and wine and make and browse menus.


Keystrokes for scrolling through your wines, either in lists, wine summary, or in edit mode. You can also jump to the first or last wine in a list with these keystrokes, or temporarily omit wines one at a time from a list that you're viewing.


Create a custom list from a search of specified criteria. This is handy if you wish to keep a separate list of "Cabernet Sauvignons" or "Mature" wines, for example. After you perform a search for your specified criteria, click "Save to Favorites" in the drop-down menu. You can name the list anything you want (e.g., "Mature Wines"). Your new list will be saved in the Favorites menu. Any added wines that fall into your specified category will automatically be added to your new custom "favorites list." Your custom "favorites" lists will also be viewable on the Home page. To change the name of or remove a list, choose "Edit Favorites" in the Favorites drop-down menu.


Turn on and off program alert messages and tooltips and set screen options for viewing.


Get help using PWC, update PWC, register and authorize your copy of PWC, buy PWC if you're running the demo, and see general info about the product.