"Drink/Sale History" Tab

Information entered when you subtract bottles (see Subtract Quantity (-)) appears in this tab, including the date you drank the bottle(s), where you drank the bottle(s), when you drank the bottle(s), with whom you drank the bottle(s), what food you paired the wine with, and a specific note for the date you drank the bottle(s). You may also edit and view information about any sales you have made in this tab.

Click on any date in the list to see drink or sales details for that occasion.

Drink and sales details may also be entered or modified in the appropriate fields.

You may also view the total of how many bottles of a wine have been removed from your cellar, the total bottles on consignment, the total of any sales, and the value of your current stock.

When you have finished entering information, you can save your wine, review info in the other tabs, scroll through your wine records, or navigate to another area in the program by using any of the Navigation Bar icons.