"Cellar" List

To see the list of wines in your cellar, click the "Cellar" button on the black Navigation Bar.  You will be taken to the "Cellar List" tab. This is the page where you can view a list of all of your wines (or a narrowed list of some of your wines if you so choose).  Here you will find all of the wines in your current collection.

Use the "Cellar List" to view at a glance all the wines in your collection. Each wine shows the Producer and Wine Name, Vintage, and any combination of customizable field headings, including Varietal, Country, Region and Sub-region, Quantity, Maturity, Location, and Ratings.

Note that if a wine's maturity status is "Old" or "Late," a warning symbol will appear in the far right column of the page.

To change any of the customizable headings at the top of any of the lists, just click on a heading field and choose an item from the drop-down list.

To view a list of wines for which you no longer have any bottles in your collection, click the Out of Stock List tab.

To view a list of wines that you have purchased bottles of but that have not yet been delivered, click the On Order List tab.

To view a list of wines along with any and all ratings you have entered, click the Ratings List tab.

To view a list of wines that you have earmarked for later purchase, click the Wish List tab.

To view a list of wines that you have only tasted, but never had in your collection, click the Tasted List tab.

To view a list of wines that you entered without knowng exactly what you were reading on the label and what exactly the producer name was, click the General Label Info List.

Click any of the Alphabet Buttons to view a list of Producers beginning with that letter. In this way you do not have to scroll through all your wines to find a producer that starts with "L" for example, nor do you have to perform a "Search."  Click "All" to view all the wines in your list.

Click any "edit" button to edit information for the wine that appears directly to the right of the button. You cannot edit information directly from this list.

Click the arrows to the left of any column heading to sort the list accordingly. For example, click Producer/Wine Name to sort the list by Producer in ascending order. Click again to sort by descending order. When you go to another page and come back to the list, the default sort order will reset.

The default sort order is by "Producer" first, "Wine Name" second, and "Vintage" third. You can create your own default sort order on the Home page in the Settings tab.

Similarly, if you click "All" in the alphabet buttons, the list is automatically sorted by "Producer" first.

Click on any wine in the list to view a complete Wine Summary of that wine’s information.

Colored grapes appear next to every wine to indicate the type (if no grapes appear, be sure to fill in "Type" in the Wine Tab entry form).

At the bottom right hand corner of this page you will always find a total of the number of wines and bottles in your collection, and a total of the number of wines and bottles you are currently viewing in a list.