Bar Codes

PWC allows you to scan a bar code when entering a new wine, adding or subtracting bottles of a wine, or searching your cellar for a wine. If you Opt-in to the Personal Wine Curator™ Community you can scan a bar code of a wine and perform a search for that wine in the PWC Community database. (As more and more users enter wines with bar codes, the database of wines with bar codes will continue to grow!)

Bar code numbers generated by PWC are UPC-A configured, are 12 digits in length, and all begin with the number 7. Make sure that your scanning device is configured to read UPC-A so that you may scan PWC generated bar codes properly.

UPC-A bar codes (that is, the actual image of the bars) will appear in the bar code field on the Wine Tab entry form. Any other bar code that is not 12 digits in length will appear in the field as a number only.

The Wine Curators is not responsible for the functionality of any hardware devices you use in conjunction with the software. The Wine Curators recommends using a laser bar code scanner. Laser scanners are generally better suited for reading bar codes on curved surfaces, such as those found on bottles.