Backing Up PWC

To make a back up of your PWC data, simply click "Back Up PWC" on the Home page, or choose "Back Up PWC" from the File menu on the Drop-Down Menu bar. Choose a back up destination on your computer from the menu. A complete back-up, called "PWC_dataBackup," will be created and stored in your chosen location.

PWC strongly recommends that you back-up often to some sort of removable media (such as a USB memory stick).

PWC will automatically back-up to your hard drive upon exiting the program. This automatic back up is located in the "Personal Wine Curator v3" folder in Program Files (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac) and will be stored in a separate sub-folder called "Backups." .

Personal Wine Curator™ Mobile provides a fee based subscription online back-up service for extra protection of your data. If for any reason you lose your data, use of this service will provide another safeguard so that you may retrieve it again! To back-up your data online, simply go to the software Home Page, choose the "Restore from Back Up" button and follow the promtps.

Again, The Wine Curators strongly urges you to maintain your own back-up versions of any personal data!