"Add" Buttons

"Add" buttons appear next to drop down lists in the Wine Tab entry form. These buttons allow you to add or delete your own entries to the pre-existing lists.

 If you make a selection from any of the drop down lists, the "add" buttons remain "grayed out" (unavailable). If, however, you choose to enter your own information in any of the fields (e.g., Producer, Sub-region, etc.) then you may click "add" to include this new information in the drop-down list for the future.  The text on the button will change to "del", indicating that you may delete your own entry anytime you wish.  Pre-set entries cannot be deleted.

 NOTE: You do not have to add your own entry to the drop-down lists just because the "add" button becomes available. You may leave the field as it is.  Any new information you have entered will be saved in the wine record, but will not appear in the list.

 Remember that any new entry you add to the drop-down lists WILL NOT generate automatic entries in related fields (e.g., Region and Country).