Personal Wine Curator Community

The Personal Wine Curator Community ("PWC Community") is an online database of PWC users' wine data. By Opting in to this free service, you can share your own data and tasting notes with the ever growing community of PWC users and easily import other users' wine records. Access to the PWC Communty is from the software, but you must be connected to the internet.

The default setting for PWC Community is "Opt-Out." If you wish to opt-in to the community database, simply locate the PWC Community button on the Home page and change the setting to "Opt-In." You can also change the settings in the Settings Tab on the Home Page.

When you opt-in to the PWC Community, all of your wine data, along with any accompanying tasting notes on specific dates, will be uploaded to the online database for other PWC Community users to share. The more wine data that is shared, the more wine data you can access quickly when entering new wines in your own records.

When you search for a wine in the PWC Community, either from the Wine Tab entry form or from the Search by Field page, a new window will pop up showing a list of your search results. You can add a wine and have it automatically fill in the fields in a new wine record and you will also be able to view community tasting notes from the Notes/Ratings Tab for that wine when available.

Data from the community that is innacurate (or inappropriate) may be flagged by any user in order to alert the Wine Curators about its suitability for inclusion.

As more and more users contribute their data to the PWC Community (including bar code numbers!), entering wines will be quicker for everyone. The Wine Curators hopes that reading other users' tasting notes and sharing your own will enhance your knowledge and overall enjoyment of wine drinking and collecting.